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John Lennon Mother US 45 & Picture Sleeve Beatles

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-06-04)
Price : US $68.00

John Lennon   Mother   US 45 & Picture Sleeve   Beatles

John Lennon


U.S. 45 with Picture

Apple 1827 - 1970
''Mother'' was first released on John’s 1970 album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. An
edited version of the song was issued as a single in the U.S. on Apple
Records about three weeks after the album. The single runs about fifteen
seconds shorter than the album version, eliminating the tolling bells intro and
a quicker fadeout. The b-side features ''Why'' by Yoko.

is actually a cry to both of his parents, who abandoned him in his childhood.
His father, Alfred Lennon, left the family when John was an infant; his mother
Julia, who didn't live with her son although they had a good relationship, was
hit and killed by a car driven by a drunk off-duty policeman when John was 17. John
relives the loss of his parents with lyrics such as ''Mother, you had
me/but I never had you''; ''Father, you left me/but I never left

John was inspired to write the song after
undergoing primal therapy with Dr. Arthur Janov, originally at John and Yoko’s
home at Tittenhurst Park and then at the Primal Institute, California, where
they remained for four months. John, who eventually derided Janov, initially
described the therapy as ''something more important to me than The

This auction is for the Apple 45 “Mother,” backed with Yoko’s “Why”. The record, with the %9

Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2011-06-04)

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