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45rpm Capricorn Allman Brothers Melissa / blue sky

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-06-15)
Price : US $16.57

45rpm  Capricorn  Allman Brothers  Melissa / blue sky

This is a  standard 45 rpm record.
The recording artist is:  The Allman Brothers Band
The recording company and stock number is:  Capricorn.  CPR 007
The song titles are:  Melissa / Blue sky
This record is in very good condition.

Records are given a quick cleaning before they are listed.
Condition Description:
RECORDS are graded VISUALLY only.
A record in good condition has multiple use marks but should still be playable.
A record in very good condition has only a few use marks.
A record in very, very good condition is almost like new.
A record in very, very, very good condition is sometimes called mint.
Please see picture for presence of stickers or labels.
The other side of the label has:  NUMBER STICKER & ADDRESS LABEL
I have had to  RAISE  my shipping rates since eBay is now charging a fee on the cost of shipping.
Record will be packed in a PADDED ENVELOPE with cardboard stiffener and sent through the Post Office by First Class Mail at a cost of $ 4.00.
TWO records will ship for $4.00 to US addresses ONLY.
Please inquire about shipping rates for multiple items beyond TWO records.

The cost to ship this record to CANADA is $5.00.

It will cost $9.00 to have a record shipped in a CARDBOARD BOX


Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2011-06-15)

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