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70s Country 45 JOHN WILKINSON Elvis Presley's Guitarist

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-03-31)
Price : US $0.99

70s Country 45 JOHN WILKINSON Elvis Presley


Artist of item: SEE TITLE BAR

Publisher and Date:   RCA 47-9692 NON-STOCK COPY

Visual Groove Inspection:  NM, MILD WEAR.


Item Comments: 

Do you have a great oldie in mind you'd like
to buy on eBay ?  Tell me what it is and i'll list it if i have it in
my 80,000 different items. If its a common one i'll start it at .99. If
a bit more i'll start at 4.95. Just let me know !! SELLERS ON EBAY ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE PEOPLE WHO BUY OUR ITEMS. I want this sale to go well for you. If there is a problem, I will try to fix it for you ! If your package never arrives I will either send the same record out to you again or ask you for ideas on a replacement. Insuring your purchase is not necessary to cover any loss. If there are other records you would like by the same artist, I will look thru my collection and place them on ebay for you. Just let me know, at Platters@Cox.Net. -Dave Osborn.

Whenever you win any auction record, the post quote is for 1 to 3 records.

I am offering this item from my 30 year collection of 85,000 45s, items scavenged from thrift shoppes, record haunts, garage sales. If you find yourself bidding on more than one item, please contact me after a reasonable cut-off point, so I can get a payment before you continue.

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Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2010-03-31)

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