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25 Aerosmith J Geils Band ELO 45 rpm records

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-01-09)
Price : US $14.51

25 Aerosmith   J Geils Band   ELO 45 rpm records

I have about 100 groups of records at auction this week - please take a look at all of them.
Up for bid in this auction is a group of 25 different used 7 inch 45 rpm records, all by recording artists

Aerosmith - The J.Geils Band - Electric Light Orchestra - Peter Wolf
Here is a list of titles in this group:

ArtistSide ASide BNumberLabel

1 Aerosmith Amazing Fever 19264 Geffen
2 Electric Light Orchestra Don't Bring Me Down Dreaming of 4000 5060 Jet
3 The J. Geils Band (1981) Centerfold Rage in the Cage 8102 EMI America
4 Aerosmith Angel Girl Keeps Coming Apart 28249 Geffen
5 Aerosmith Crazy Gotta Love It 19267 Geffen
6 Aerosmith* Rag Doll St. John 27915 Geffen
7 Aerosmith Last Child Combination 3-10359 Columbia
8 The J. Geils Band Love Stinks Till the Walls Come Tumbling Down 8039 EMI America
9 Aerosmith Livin' on the Edge Don't Stop 19149 Geffen
10 The J. Geils Band One Last Kiss Revenge 8007 EMI America
11 Electric Light Orchestra* I'm Alive (from the film ''Xanadu'') Drum Dreams 41246 MCA Records
12 Aerosmith Walk This Way Uncle Salty 3-10449 Columbia
13 Electric Light Orchestra Roll Over Beethoven Queen Of The Hours 173 United Artists
14 Electric Light Orchestra Showdown

Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2010-01-09)

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