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LOU REED 7'' debut recordings 1958 VELVET UNDERGROUND

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-10)
Price : US $20.50


LOU REED ''All Tomorrow's Dance Parties'' 7'' e.p.
Side 1: (1962) **Lou's first recorded lead vocals!
''Your Love''
''Merry Go Round''
Side 2: (1958) **Lou's on guitar and backing vocals.
''So Blue''
''Leave Her For Me''

    The four songs on this e.p. showcase Lou Reed's earliest recordings. Reed was still attending Freeport High School on Long Island's South Shore where assembled his first group, The Shades, with fellow students Phil Harris and Al Walters. They'd first gotten together to do ''a Little Richard act'' for a high school variety show, performing in sunglasses. A quick name change to The Jades was prompted by the local sucess of ''Sunglasses'' by Mort Shuman's Shades on Big Top.
     ''The Jades wasn't a band,'' recalls Reed. ''It was just one guitar and two other guys singing. I was in the background. We would play shopping malls and really bad violent places- I was always tremendously underage which was pretty cool.'' Reed and Harris penned ''So Blue'' and ''Leave Her For Me'' one late summer night in 1958 at Lou's parents' house. They approached Bob Shad, whose Time Records was just getting off the ground , with hopes of recording. Shad immediately set up a session with noted arranger Leroy Kirkland at the helm as well as top session musicians including King Curtis on sax.
     Reed was on 16 years old on his deb

Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2009-12-10)

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