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the Offspring They Came To Kill vinyl 7'' demos AFI nofx

Sold ! This record is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-12-11)
Price : US $20.50

the Offspring They Came To Kill vinyl 7

 this is an auction for the offspring's they were born to kill 7''. this is on clear purple vinyl and features the tracks ''jennifer lost the war'' and ''out on patrol''. i personally don't know much about this release, but here's a description for someone else's past auction. if this is stepping on anyone's toes, tell me and i'll remove it. sorry for the eyesore.
The Offspring ''They Were Born To Kill'' 7'' EP (The Unreleased / Unheard Demos)
(Hard to see the color in the scanned photo and it looks almost like
black because it's dark purple. But an actual vinyl is nice clear purple.)
Very rare and sought-after Offspring record. Contains two early demo tape tracks from 1986.
(1) Jennifer Lost The War  (2) Out On Patrol
Both rare early original version, and different from the tracks on their ''S/T'' first album from 1989.
There are four different color variation of this 7''. The black and grey vinyls are more ''common'' ones
and the clear purple and clear red ones are rarer. I'm not sure how many of each version were made,
but I was told by an old Offspring collector(whom I got it from) that there are 500 copies total.
shipping to the states is $5, but i'll ship anywhere in the world, contact for rates. check out my other auction for the baghdad 7'' by the offspring. if you win it as well, just add another $1.50 for shipping. starting this at 99 cents without a reserve. pay quickly/ship quickly!

Sold ! This record is sold (sold on 2009-12-11)

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